1. How Do I Register?
    You can register on-line, by fax or standard U.S. mail. Please be aware that your camper must be registered 30 days before the start of camp session.

    Fill out the form here.

    BY FAX
    Print, Fill-out and Fax PDF of Camper Medication Form to Perris Hills Pharmacy
    Fax: 1 (844) 856-8900

    Print, Fill-out and Mail PDF of Camper Medication Form To:
    Perris Hills Pharmacy
    Attn: My Kids Camp Meds
    524 W 4th Street, Suite  A
    Perris, CA 92570

    *Please note: You will need to send your child's Physician, instructions on how to prescribe for camp sessions. You can forward the following page with instructions Physician Instructions. You can also download the PDF of the Physician's Instructions for print here.

  2. Do I Need To Register My Child Again If I Registered Last Summer?
    Yes. Please fill out the Camper Medication Form.

  3. What Happens If I Register Late?
    To avoid late fees, you must register your camper on time, submit all prescriptions on time, and avoid expedited shipping.

    $25.00 Late Fee
    If we do not receive the camper registration AND prescriptions at least 30 days prior to the start of camp session, responsible party will be charged a $25.00 late fee.

    $30.00 Expedited Shipping Fee
    If your camper’s prescriptions require expedited shipping, responsible party will be charged a $30.00 expedited shipping fee.

    If you have any questions about fees, please talk to one of our My Kids Camp Med associates, just call (951) 407-0707

  4. Which Medications Am I Required To Have Dispensed and Packaged?
    All prescription and all non-prescription meds including vitamins and herbal supplements. Except: insulin, growth hormone injections, birth control pills, Accutane, rescue inhalers and epinephrine. PLEASE NOTE: Most camps stock drugs such as Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, etc; you do not need to have Perris Hills Pharmacy dispense those items if they are only taken “as needed”. Check with your camp to confirm the OTC meds they stock.
    If your camper takes herbal/specialty vitamins, please contact Perris Hills Pharmacy to determine if they can be packaged.

  5. How Can I Ensure The Meds Will Be Packaged Exactly The Way My Child Takes Them?
    WE STRONGLY SUGGEST you review your camper's Rx with your physician to confirm it is written exactly the way your camper takes the medication before sending to Perris Hills Pharmacy.
    As the parent or legal guardian, you must check that each prescription is written correctly, it is your responsibility. If a medication is taken daily, you must specify what time of the day it's to be taken for example "Every breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime"  If a prescription is written as “once a day” with no specific time, the medication will be packaged for the morning. If the med is taken only “as needed” (PRN), the prescription must be written to specify only “as needed”.

  6. Will Perris Hills Pharmacy Accept My Insurance? If So, Are All Medications Covered?
    Perris Hills Pharmacy accepts most insurance plans. However, it is not until you submit the Camper's Medication Form with complete insurance information, that your insurance plan can be verified for billing. Perris Hills Pharmacy will contact you if your prescription plan is not accepted. 

  7. Will It Cost More Than I Usually Pay For Prescriptions?
    If you submit your paperwork before registration deadline, the cost should be the same to you as it would be at your regular pharmacy any other time of the year. After registration deadline, you will be subject to late fees, but your prescription costs remain the same.

  8. What if My Camper's Prescriptions Change? Or if My Insurance Changes?
    If your camper's medications have changed, please fill-out the form My Camper's Medication Has Changed
    If a new medication OR dose is prescribed, contact your prescription plan to confirm the medication and dose is covered for a 30 day supply. If your insurance changes and the pharmacy has already sent medication to camp, you will be responsible for co-pays, deductibles, and prescriptions not covered if the pharmacy is not a provider for your plan.

    If your insurance has changed, please fill-out the form My Insurance Has ChangedIf you have a primary and secondary insurance, make sure to add both primary and secondary insurance information on the form, even if only one insurance has changed. This form will invalidate the previous insurance information you submitted.
    If you do not follow these steps and your new insurance denies the charges, we reserve the right to charge your credit card for the full cost of medication. All credit card charges from the pharmacy will appear as a separate charge after your child returns from camp. 

  9. How Do You Accept Prescriptions?
    Or “Electronic Prescription,” your physician sends it directly

    BY FAX
    Your physician can fax all prescriptions to Perris Hills Pharmacy
    Fax to: 1 (844) 856-8900

    You can mail all prescriptions to Perris Hills Pharmacy
    Mail To:
    Perris Hills Pharmacy
    Attn: My Kids Camp Meds
    524 W 4th Street, Suite  A
    Perris, CA 92570

    Your physician can verbally give all prescriptions to Perris Hills Pharmacy
    Phone: 1 (951) 407-0707

  10. What If My Child’s Medication Needs To Be Refilled While At Camp? 
    Prescriptions are filled on a 30-day basis. Medication prescribed for “daily” use is automatically refilled by our pharmacy and sent to camp for campers attending over 30 days.

    • Controlled Substances require two separate 30 day prescriptions.
    • Do NOT refill your child’s medications while at camp. This will cause your insurance to reject our pharmacy claim submitted for your child’s medication, and you will be charged full price for meds dispensed.

  11. How Are The Medications Packaged?
    Medications are packaged in a sealed strip package that include a detailed label with your child’s name, name of medication, date and time to be administered, as well as any special instructions. Camp staff opens the perforated packet and administers the medications to your child. Only medications in pill form are included in the dose strip.

  12. Can You Package Prescription Medications My Child Uses On “As Needed” Basis or “PRN”?
    Yes, both prescription and over the counter medications can be packaged “as needed”. They will be packaged separately and labeled with instructions for administration.

  13. What if I need to fill a prescription for my child before camp starts? 
    You may refill your child’s medication any time before the start of camp, if necessary. 

  14. Why isn't medication dispensed for the exact days of camp, rather than in 30 day increments? 
    Most insurance plans only reimburse for 30 days of medications/month, and you the insured, pay co-pay for each 30 day supply. When the prescription is written for less than a 30 day supply, your co-pay will cost the same as a 30 day supply. Refills should also be for the full 30 day supply, unused meds are sent home from camp. OTC medications cannot be shared between siblings. Additionally, any left over OTC will be shipped to the parents home.

  15. Can a half of a pill be packaged?

  16. My child takes a different dose of the same medicine every other day. Can it be packaged that way?

  17. Will the pharmacy dispense generic or brand?
    Unless the prescription is written with the words “Brand Name Necessary,” the pharmacy will dispense generic. It is your responsibility to confirm the prescription is written correctly.

  18. What if my child takes a “Controlled Substance” such as "Concerta" or "Adderall"? 
    An original prescription is required. For campers staying more than 30 days, an additional prescription for a 30 day supply of medication is required. It is against the law for a “controlled substance” to be refilled. Please send a separate prescription for every 30 day supply. All prescriptions for the child’s camp stay should be received by Perris Hills Pharmacy at the same time. We can accept two separate 30 day prescriptions written for the same date, but they will only be dispensed one month at a time. The physician may also write both prescriptions each with a different date. Please note: You will need to send your child's Physician, instructions on how to prescribe for camp sessions. You can forward the following page with instructions Physician Instructions. You can also download the PDF of the Physician's Instructions for print here. 

  19. What if my child is placed on a prescription or non-prescription daily medication after the deadline date to register and submit prescriptions has passed? 
    Perris Hills Pharmacy will always accommodate your camper!. The prescription will be filled and shipped to the camp as soon as possible. You may be asked to send your child with a small supply of meds as back up. A $25 late fee and shipping costs will apply.

  20. What if my child requires a new medication while at camp?
    Our pharmacy will always send out any additional medication and/or dose change to camp. You will be charged the shipping cost for any med change or if additional meds are ordered and sent to camp after your initial medication and/or refills have been sent. In some instances, your camp may need to utilize a local pharmacy if needed.

  21. When will the pharmacy charge me for my camper's medications?
    Perris Hills Pharmacy will not submit to your insurance until camp begins, you may not receive a charge on your credit card until two months AFTER your camper returns home. Please notify us if your credit card information changes during the summer.

  22. Do I need a Prescription for Over the Counter Medication?
    Yes, when possible. When not possible, Perris Hills Pharmacy will dispense your “exact” written request that was listed on the Campers Medication Form.

  23. Will I have confirmation that Perris Hills Pharmacy has received my Prescriptions? 
    Yes. We will send you an email from Camp@PerrisHillsPharmacy.com once we receive them. If you do not receive a confirming email within one week of mailing them, please contact us.