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At Perris Hills Pharmacy, our core philosophy revolves around "Taking Care of People First." Our team comprises seasoned pharmacists and knowledgeable customer assistants who are genuinely committed to assisting you and your family on the journey to improved health.

As your trusted full-service neighborhood pharmacy in Perris, CA, we are dedicated to serving our local community. We understand the diverse needs of our customers, from those navigating complex health conditions to individuals dealing with temporary health setbacks. Our personalized services are designed to assist every individual in achieving their health goals.

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Our Pharmacy Services

Taking Care of People First

Prescription Synchronization

Aligns all of your medications to be ready on the same day each month. Simplify your medication…

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Medication Packaging With Dispill Pack

Dispill® Pack: Personalized, multi-dose packaging for easy organization of all your prescriptions…

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Pharmacy Counseling

Expert pharmacists ready to answer all your medication and side effect questions, ensuring safe and…

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Diabetes Care

Comprehensive diabetes care with expert counseling, management tools, and personalized support for…

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Medication Therapy Management

We work directly with your doctor throughout your treatment to make the proper adjustments and…

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Drug Interaction Screening

In-depth drug interaction screening to ensure safe medication use, preventing adverse reactions…

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Personalized Pharmacist Consultations for Informed Treatment Choices

Our experienced pharmacists are dedicated to providing personalized guidance to ensure you feel confident and informed about your treatment.

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