Prescription Services at Perris Hills Pharmacy

  • New Prescriptions
  • Refill Prescriptions
  • Transfer Prescriptions
  • Advanced Plus Prior Authorizations
  • Prescription Synchronization
  • Free Prescription Delivery
  • Drug Interaction Screening
  • "Your Prescription is Ready" Text Notifications
  • Online Refill System
  • Low Cash Pricing


Benefits of Having Your Prescriptions filled at Perris Hills Pharmacy

  • Save Money with Wallet Care
    Where we help you select the health insurance plan that best fits your individual needs and get lower copays thorough our Advanced Prior Authorization department.

  • Get the Most of Your Prescriptions with Trust Your Meds
    Where we help you design the safest and most effective medication treatment path available to you on a year-to-year basis with the help of your doctor.

  • Get Support on Your Path to Better Health
    We offer Disease Management Support for complex conditions where you learn how to effectively manage your medications and lifestyle changes.

  • Private Medication Consultations
    Have all your questions about medications, side effects answered and lifestyle changes answered.


Experience the difference of a pharmacy that works with your Doctor.