Consolidate and coordinate your prescriptions so they can all be refilled on the same day each month, improving the management of your prescription medication and freeing up more of your time.

Benefits of Medication Synchronization:

  1. Eliminate the need to call in or stop by the pharmacy to order prescription refills.
  2. Have all of your medications ready the same day each month.
  3. Make a single trip to your pharmacy or receive a single package at home.
  4. Reduce the potential for gaps in between your refills.

Is Prescription Synchronization Free?

Yes. Perris Hills Pharmacy's medication synchronization program is free to qualified patients.

How do I Know if I Qualify?

If you are taking multiple, on-going monthly medications, are new to chronic drug therapy you may qualify.

How do I Get Started?

Contact Perris Hills Pharmacy at (951) 657- 9511 and ask to be enrolled in the Prescription Synchronization Program, a qualified team member will guide you through the necessary steps of enrollment.

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