Perris Hills Pharmacy establishes a clear channel of communication and a cooperative environment between the primary care giver's team and our drug dispensing and administration system. Our skilled and experienced pharmacists collect all relevant information to establish a proper medication history for each patient, information about the patient's clinical condition and treatment are readily available to physician's team. Our pharmacy counseling is a convenient tool for the monitoring of drug action in patients that allows for optimization or adjustments of doses or treatments.

At Perris Hills Pharmacy Physician's have Support Through:

Key Account Managers

Assigned liaison. Intakes your prescriptions, verifies your patients insurance, works with the insurance authorization department if necessary, calls your patient directly to arrange delivery or pick-up.

Clinical Pharmacists

Each prescription sent goes through a review process that ensures the accuracy of the prescription, checks for possible drug interactions or any other indications that may affect your patient’s health.

Insurance Support

Specialty medications often have very specific guidelines that need to be met in order to qualify for coverage, our experienced team has the knowledge to navigate the insurance system effectively and can make alternative formulary recommendations if the drugs you prescribe are not covered under your patient’s insurance plan.

Quality Assurance

Actively committed to the continuous improvement of quality in the delivery of our services and prescriptions to our patients in both systematically and through the aid of technological tools.

Timely and Effective Delivery of Medication

On-line refill system and smart phone application makes it easy for patients to manage their medications. We also offer automatic refills for worry-free continuous availability of medications for complex conditions.
Free next day prescription delivery is available to all our patients.

Committed to helping you and your patients achieve greater health outcomes.

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