Physician support at Perris Hills Pharmacy

Would You Like Perris Hills Pharmacy Help Your Practice?

We integrate as a part of your team improving certain administrative functions and assisting with individualized patient care.


Cures Certified HIPAA compliant Janssen Connect Network

At Perris Hills Pharmacy Physician's have Support Through:

• Key Account Managers

Assigned liaison. Intakes your prescriptions, verifies your patients insurance, works with the insurance authorization department if necessary, calls your patient directly to arrange delivery or pick-up.

• Advanced Plus Prior Authorization Department

Send all your Prior Authorizations to Perris Hills Pharmacy, we have built a dedicated department that handles the process from start to finish, ensuring fast approvals, low copays for patients and less administrative work for your office.

• Clinical Pharmacists

Work with experienced and caring clinical pharmacists focused on the improvement of your patients treatment path.

• Patient Medication History Records

We establish a proper medication history for each patient, clinical condition and treatment plan information are readily available to physician's team.

• Safe Prescribe

Each prescription sent goes through a review process that ensures the accuracy of the prescription, checks for possible drug interactions or any other indications that may affect your patient’s health.

• Quality Assurance

Actively committed to the continuous improvement of quality in the delivery of our services and prescriptions to our patients in both systematically and through the aid of technological tools.

Your Patients Have Support Through:

• Medication Therapy Optimization  - Trust Your Meds Program

Are Your Patients Medications and Supplements Safe, and Up to Date? Our trained clinical pharmacists will execute an assessment with the assistance of the prescribing offices to identify danger zones and improve their treatment with newer, more advanced medications. This assessment is done yearly.

• Health Insurance Aid - Wallet Care Program

Is your patient getting the best coverage possible? We assist patients find the best health insurance plan available through a consultation with our in-house independent insurance expert that takes into account their very specific needs. 

• Pharmacy Counseling

Worry-free continuous availability of medications for complex conditions that require monthly refilling, It eliminates gaps in medication treatments.

• Medication Packaging

With Dispill® Pack, your patient gets a tool that assists in making medication therapy manageable. 

• Easy Refill Options

Our on-line refill system and smart phone application make it easy for patients to manage refills for their medications. 

• Prescription Synchronization

Worry-free continuous availability of medications for complex conditions that require monthly refilling, It eliminates gaps in medication treatments.

• Free Prescription Delivery

Work with a pharmacy that offers patients the personal care and on-going support, they need and deserve.

If you would like learn more about how we can work as a team to improve your patients care - Call us at 1 (951) 407-0707.

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