Perris Hills Specialty Pharmacy provides experienced payor and physician support. Our services focus on the improvement of patient care as well as clinical and financial outcomes in the management of specialty therapies.

Payor Benefits:

  • Prior authorization management, benefits investigation and verification. We make it easy for patients to understand their options.
  • Face-to-face pharmacist consultations to patients and/or caregivers (Monitor and improve treatment and prescriptions).
  • Educational support given to effectively manage chronic, complex disease states.
  • Standard drug interaction screening for all prescriptions.
  • Proactive refill reminders (Minimize medication waste and prevent a lapse in therapy).
  • Synchronized prescription fills. Making it simpler for patients to manage multiple medications.
  • Free prescription delivery.
  • On-going physician support (Relevant and timely communications to patients and prescribers).
  • Experienced clinical pharmacists availabe during business hours.
  • Cost containment options. Competitive lower costs.

We accept most major insurance plans including Medicare Part D and Part B.

Our primary goal is placing patients’ needs first and providing them with the necessary tools that will optimize their health outcome while on treatment.

To find out what we can do for you, please call us at (951) 657- 9511.