Payor Support at Perris Hills Pharmacy

Perris Hills Specialty Pharmacy Provides Experienced Payor Support

Our services focus on the improvement of patient health outcomes and the clinical and financial management of their specialty therapies. We work in conjunction with their treating physicians to create a health information loop that helps both the patient and supports the physician's practice..


Payor Benefits

  • Coordination of benefits, pharmacy billing and reimbursement counseling

  • Health Insurance Aid, Benefits investigation and verification. Assistance in the finding and contracting of Health Insurance that's right for the patient

  • Improved patient health outcomes through patient facing programs and persistent, on-going support

  • Lowering of overall costs due to improved adherence, minimization of waste and reduction of abuse

  • Improvement of Payor-to-Physician relations due to the integration of Perris Hills Pharmacy into the workflow of  physician's teams


Patient Benefits

  • Trust Your Meds Program
    Helps patients update their medication treatment path through yearly evaluations done with the assistance of their prescribing physicians

  • Wallet Care Program
    Assists in patients in the acquiring a proper health insurance plan Lowers medication copays through an Advanced Prior Authorization Department

  • Prescription Synchronization
    Eliminates gaps in the patients medication treatment plan

  • Dispill® Pack Medication Packaging
    Makes complex medication therapy manageable

  • Drug Interaction Screening
    Eliminates adverse effects of newly prescribed medications

  • Pharmacy Counseling and Disease Management Support

  • Acceptance of All Major Insurance Plans


Physician Benefits

  • Key Account Managers
    Assigned liaison that builds trust with the prescribing practice

  • Advanced Prior Authorization Department
    Assists physicians in the PA process and other administrative tasks

  • Patient Medication History Records
    A proper medication history is established for each patient, clinical condition and treatment plan information are readily available to physician's team

  • Safe Prescribe
    Checks against patient medication history records to ensure the accuracy of the prescription. If a conflict arises the prescribing office is contacted immediately to resolve the issue before dispensation

  • Experienced Clinical Pharmacists
    Focused on the improvement a physician's patients treatment path, assisting patients whenever necessary through pharmacy counseling or disease management support

Work with a pharmacy that prioritizes patient care through carefully designed programs and supports physicians within their practice. Call Perris Hills Pharmacy at 1 (951) 407-0707