Perris Hills Pharmacy employs the FastFill® 220, an advanced medication packaging system that provides the capacity for filling 1000+ prescriptions daily. Increase patient safety, medication management processes and control costs.

Robotic Medication Dispensing

Each medication is dispensed from its unique location instead of a central chute thereby eliminating the risk of cross contamination. The FastFill® 220 canisters have a documented 99.99 percent accuracy rate, enabling the management of a high volume of prescriptions with confidence. We use medication barcode scanning to increase the accuracy of both the dispensing and replenishment processes – dispensation is done efficiently, and more safely than utilizing a manual processes.

The FastFill® 220 helps us to ensure that every patient receives the right medication, at the right time, every time. Perris Hills Pharmacy, safety and efficiency in a single location. To see what we can do for you and your facility, please call us at  (951) 657- 9511, a key account manager will be assigned to ensure quality and administrative accuracy.